Johny Bean

So we rock up to the Hilton NEC, park up, dump bags and head for the Executive Lounge. This was part of the Tesco voucher deal we got which meant we could have a relaxed weekend away and make the most of Autosport on the Saturday.

Before even getting to the fridge for my first diet tonic (great idea to do Dryathlon when there’s a free bar!) who do I spot, but Johny Bean and friend, who I later find out is long term rallycross fan, Rich. Johny recognised me as “…erm… Pembury” and I confirmed I was indeed the very same insane southerner who camped in the freezing cold of south Wales at the back end of October, just so I could immerse myself in a weekend of the Swift championship.

Well, and hour and a half later, the missus (Sarah) has been well and truly sozzled by the free booze, and Johny and Rich are trying to convince us to venture into Birmingham for the evening. Being the only non-drinker, having not eaten and worked/driven/seen Pete (I’ve run out of excuses!) we politely declined and left them to go off to find another Jason Plato to put in his place.

It was a great laugh, an unexpectedly good opportunity for me to get to know Johny a bit (not that he’ll remember!) and for Sarah to finally get a true insight into what goes on off the track…! Great evening.


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