A Rallycross Car Is (in the process of being) Born!

Wow! What a great weekend. It started on Friday afternoon when my wife, Sarah, and I set off for the Birmingham NEC for Autosport International. On the way, Pete called to say he was just leaving the NEC, but that he’d be back at his garage in an hour and that I could go and see my car! Pete’s garage is in the middle of nowhere, and once we’d found the massive steel gates we waited for his arrival.

Five minutes later he was there, unlocked and my car was nestled in the corner of the workshop. Very much a work in progress, I realise just how much work it would have been for me to do myself, and we agreed there and then that Pete and Nick (the mechanic) would pretty much complete the car because of the amount left to do and parts not yet on site. I was going to find it tough to complete it myself, so I’ll have to make do with tinkering with fitting the final bits.

Car Build Photos

It’s a bit of a shame, but as I’m not in the motor trade, having the space and specialist tools to fit the fibreglass panels and weld the roll cage, split the engine to fit the diff and clutch etc. it was, in hindsight, probably a bit optimistic! So now I just need to decide on a colour, and Pete will sort that as well.

Hopefully, I’ll pick the car up myself in early Feb. So excited I didn’t want to leave, but getting my racewear at Autosport now became the priority.

“Oh, and I saw Johny Bean in the Wetherspoons – he’s staying in the same hotel as you.” said Pete. Well, not really any chance of bumping into him…


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