Successful Shop

On Saturday morning, we headed into Autosport International. After a bit of browsing and looking at expensive parts upgrades which fortunately aren’t allowed in the single make Suzuki Swift Championship, I was reminded by Sarah that we were here to shop. First, we happened upon V2 Racing helmets, which Pete had recommended. The sales guy was really helpful, convincing me the shells for some more expensive helmets are the same as the V2 but branded and sold differently hence the higher price. After a bit of Maynarding (this is the art of knowing you’ll come back and buy it but want to double check for deals elsewhere, aka “faffing”) I purchased an open face V2. Bosh.

Next stop seats. Again, after lots of sitting and deciding what I liked/didn’t, I opted for a Cobra Evo Pro direct from Cobra’s stand as they had deals on which made it a no brainer. I’d not planned on head restraints, but visibility doesn’t look to be too compromised in favour of safety and feeling of being “cocooned”. This was purchase of the day!

We then went to see the live action in the arena, where unfortunately the number of different series in the UK means there was no Suzuki Swift or rallycross element this year. But it was very entertaining; great noise, music, lights and smells of burning rubber and petrol. The kids would love it!

We then got a call from Sarah Watson, Pete’s other half and working hard on networking and relations for the Swift championship at the show. We had a good catch up on where we’re at and what we were doing at the show. She was almost excited as me as I reeled off all the stuff I needed with John from Demon Tweeks, where I picked up all the rest of the gear I wanted to sort. Head to toe. So there was:

Sparco race suit, OMP gloves, boots & underwear (top, bottoms, socks, balaclava), OMP steering wheel & boss, HANS device, HANS clips and Sabelt harness.

Job done. Got my own back on Sarah (my wife) for the pain I endured in the January sales. Back to the Executive Lounge for a Becks Blue.


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