More Toys: Part 1

I’ve been playing with the idea of begging, borrowing, stealing or even hiring a 4×4, motorhome or similar to cart my steed around the country. I had always planned on towing the beast with my 320D as it’s ideal, and budgeted accordingly. I was concerned, however, at the amount of “stuff” I’d need to take to the races including gazebo, wheels, tools, jack and occasionally people! Also I wanted to stop at the track if possible, but motorhome hire will be painful and expensive. Maybe I’ll get one in a future year, but for now, I need to keep it simple.

So yesterday I order a towbar for the Beemer. Not only is this cheapest option, but figured it would give me some hands-on mechanical work to do on my day-to-day road car for experience and confidence. Watch this space for photos and whether I’ve been successful…!

I’m fairly happy that the “big” stuff can go into the Swift itself, and most of the time it’ll be me plus one at the most so figured I’ve have the whole boot and back seat to cover and use. Then I’ll be dropping the car at the circuit and finding local hotel accomodation during the race weekend. At least I should be warm, get a good nights sleep and shower before race day, unlike at Pembury. Preparation and all that!

Better get my Premier Inn loyalty card organised…


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