More Toys: Part 2

Well, I must be on a roll. Having entered 2013 with nothing other than plans and budget, Autosport has certainly kicked things off nicely!

Following racewear purchase last weekend, and towbar mid-week, I also got onto some review sites to find out which trolley jack gets good feedback. The Clarke Racing jacks are great in principle, but as I couldn’t get a deal from them, I shopped around. It seemed that the preferred alternative to the Clarke aluminium range was one (almost certainly from the same manufacturer) branded Arcan.

On ebay, I found a seller of the 1.8 ton capacity aluminium jack which goes to 480+ mm in height, and is longer and lower than most other jacks – including the Clarke one. I also plumped for a pair of (over engineered) 3 ton axle stands from Arcan.

They turned up in less than 48 hours, so now I have the kit to lift my BMW if needed for the towbar job, and a substantial jack/stand combination for the year ahead. Very pleased!


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