Towbar Fitting…

So this weekend, I set about dismantling the back end of my not-quite-3 year old Beemer to install the towbar. I certainly didn’t underestimate the job, or rush it. I had the right tools (torque wrench, sockets) and had done my research on the instruction manual using YouTube videos, other manufacturers instructions and forum posts. Lots of other people had clearly learned from experience, which I gleaned.

Guy Martin on 4 Wheels

The mechanical bit I got done on Saturday. This involved unscrewing the bumper fixings all round, removing the light clusters, and “persuading” the bumper off with some rearward force to unclip it without breaking the bumper tabs. I didn’t rush this otherwise I’d have been cursing and hunting down a new bumper.

Dismantled Beemer

Then it was a case of unhooking the exhaust rubber, unbolting the metal bumper beam across the back of the car, applying sealant, installing the towbar beam, reinstalling the bumper beam and torque’ing it up. Simple! 6 hours well spent. Decided to leave the wiring instructions until the following morning (which looked like hieroglyphics) until I’d done a bit more research…

Towbar Parts


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