…and Wiring

Well, I did underestimate the amount of time it would take me to actually work out what I needed to do! First, I had to strip ALL of the boot lining of the car…

Stripped Boot

Then I feed the towbar cable through an existing grommet for the parking sensors, wire up the plug-in point and connect the control module. Then I had disconnect the battery, connect the earth and live, run wires of different colours and connect them to wires of different colours in various places…

Mangle of Wires

That took me another 6 hours to 9pm on Sunday. Then I had to put it all back together!

That would have to wait until first thing on Tuesday morning because of work and feeling poorly on the Monday. Double checking torque settings, putting the bumper and light clusters back on and re-bolting took about an hour and a half. Then fingers crossed as I checked everything functioned!

So far, the car starts, all the lights and car functions including rear parking sensors which were detached are fine. No idea yet whether when I connect a trailer board whether the wipers will start going and I blow the ECU. Watch this space…


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