Maud Takes Shape

It’s not a long story, so bear with. When we met Johny Bean the other week, he clearly forgot my wife’s name and for effect called her “Maud”. Whilst this didn’t stick very long with my missus, I felt at that moment my car had been named.

I’d seen her for the first time hours earlier, met up with Johny by complete chance, and I’m certain it’s the name the gaoler shouts at Toad dressed as a washer woman in Wind in the Willows (“Poop poop”). It was just meant to be.

So here she is a couple of days ago…


While I wait patiently down in Kent for the car to be finished, I have to make do with memories of my journey to Autosport, and this lowlight shot I got today from Sarah. Next weekend, she should be good to go! Bring on the Lydden test!! Papaya Maud will be there…


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