Top Gear is to Blame

I’ve realised I didn’t start this blog with the background of how I decided to do a year of rallycross. It’s a pretty outragious thing to suddenly decide to do, and certainly, this time last year, the idea wasn’t even in my mind. What a difference a year makes!

Rewind 12 months, and we’d already been to Autosport 2012, purely for the fun of it – not to shop. It was there that we happened to see the Swifts in the Live Action Arena, but with everything else on show, that wasn’t the pivotal point. That came on 11th March 2012, with episode 7, series 18 of Top Gear.

In that episode, they reasoned that rallycross could be as cheap as golf and infinitely more exciting. Now I’ve played golf, and I’m pants at it. Granted I’ll blame my £65 Dunlop specials for my inability, but it never flicked my switch. People who know me know that I like to be good at things, and get very frustrated at my own inadequacies.

Whilst I didn’t decide to embark on a rallycross career at that point, it did remind us that Lydden Hill, just up the road is the home of rallycross and that really we should go and spectate more often. My wife, Sarah, is not one for messing about when it comes to plans to have fun. Thanks to her, the following day, she’d found out the next race date – the opening round of the 2012 British Rallycross Championship on March 24th.

What a day that was.

The action was non-stop, entertaining and close racing, race after race. The weather was good, we had a picnic, the kids loved it. Over the tannoy, they were talking about how easy it could be to get into rallycross via the Swift championship. My wife rather flippantly at the time, I felt, said “you should do it”.

But by the end of that day, we were both convinved that it was an itch I needed to scratch, and if not now, maybe never. I couldn’t really believe it, but I was going to find out more about how I could get involved with the Suzuki Swift Rallycross Championship. I blame Top Gear.


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