Countdown to Lydden Test

Well, I’m really pleased. It seems there’s quite a group of friends and family going to Lydden at the weekend – some of them to try out rallycross first hand! Including myself! Many are coming just to watch the test action, which is great news.

I’m busy making final preparations, so today I had the trailer registration plate printed and been sorting out transit and storage insurance. I also had a dealer service on the Beemer today, and I cheekily asked if they could test the trailer electrics for me. Without even a grimace when I said I’d fitted it myself, they happily obliged and two hours later, he confirmed the service was done and my towing electrics were sound! Happy days – maybe I do have some technical prowess!! Another cause for concern checked off.

Then this evening, I figured (with encouragement from the kids) I’d do a dry run of all my racewear. Undies and everything. Well, I’m certainly not going to be cold – in fact races in the summer could be pretty sweaty!

I’ve got the full flame proof underwear, socks & balaclava…


…then suit, helmet, gloves, HANS…


…and boots. Let’s go testing!!!



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