Maud Gets Her Colour

Well, no point delaying, here she is – a fully painted Maud!

Paint Job

For those familiar with McLaren, you’ll notice I’ve gone for an orange called “papaya” orange. This is (hopefully almost) the colour used by McLaren on it’s racing cars since the 1970’s. Sometimes it is the livery used on their F1 cars in pre-season shakedowns and tests (until Mercedes have their “Silver Arrow” way), and is often used on their GT racing and road cars.

I figured that was reason enough to plump for it, but I always wanted something which stood out and had some background. Not sure whether that’s so I can be clearly seen in photos taking the chequered flag (ha ha!) or when I’ve got someone coming up to lap me! I can’t afford any serious damage, so being seen is fairly important…!

Only a few bits left for Pete and his mechanic Nick (who I’m yet to meet) left to do. Refit the uprated shocks, bumper (stating the obvious – I’m using the photo for guidance here..!), mudflaps, wheels and windows. Plus I’m sure there’s some other finishing tasks.

Gulp – sounds a lot given it’s Thursday already! But I have faith… Then it’s down to Lydden on Friday for my belts and steering wheel fitting, and on with the test!! Come on!!!!

Oh, and that orange is also a popular colour for performance models in the Audi group. But we’ll try to forget that last bit – I’m a Beemer man… 😉


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