Collecting Maud

Since the, let’s say, “excitement” of the test at Lydden last weekend, it certainly feels like the lull before the storm.

The first race at Lydden is the weekend after next, and after all the activity before and during the test, I’m sat with a box of racewear next to me, no car in the garage, a bad dream replaying in my head, wondering what I actually achieved.

I know I found some of Maud’s limits, but whether I was always in control is clearly debateable! I need more time in the car before that first round…

My car went back up north (well, the midlands) to have some minor paint defects sorted after the Lydden test. I knew this was going to be the case before I made some minor paintwork changes of my own, but hopefully it’ll come back as good as new.

To coincide with picking the car up this Friday, I’m going to get some tuition (better late than never I hope!) from Peter Gwynne at a circuit near Silverstone. This will involve me driving one of his Swifts fitted with 2 seats and getting some direct input from a professional on what I’m doing right (if anything), wrong or indifferent.

Then I can hop into my car, try to apply the same logic, check the car is behaving as I expect, make some mods to suspension settings if required, and head home towing Maud. I’m so excited about getting back in the car again, with no real pressure other than to make the most of the time.

I wasn’t planning to have any more tuition, but after the Lydden test, let’s face it, the need for some guidance became apparent. Peter has kindly offered his services and I cannot pass up the opportunity.

Friday is going to be manic. Up early to get up to Banbury by 9am, tow Maud to the circuit, long day of learning, and tow Maud home on a Friday night round the M25.

And I need to fit a haircut in at some point…


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