Recruiting for Knockhill

OK, so I’m committed to going to Knockhill. For those who don’t know, this is Scotland we’re talking about. 500 miles, as near as damn it, from South East Kent to the circuit. With a trailer and Maud, I reckon that’s 10 hours easy with a good wind and as few stops as possible.

20 hours of driving for about half an hour of racing! That’s how committed I am to doing everything I can to be at all the races and get as much experience as possible this year.

It’s fair to say I’m lucky having the two, two day race weekends at Lydden just down the road. And the race later in the summer in Belgium is nearer for me than many, bar Kris Fruru who gets a race in his own neck of the woods! None the less it’s a damn long way, and it’s going to be tough.

The problem is that I’ve had two potential companions on my mammoth journey have to pull out for work commitments. And it is a commitment. Leaving early on Saturday 11th and returning late afternoon on Monday 13th. I’m not overly keen on the journey, so trying to recruit is a problem. I really need someone free and easy with a weekend to kill.

So that’s the reason for this post. A callout to anyone who is, or knows, anyone with an interest in a free trip to Knockhill for the British rallycross next weekend. Expenses paid, all I need is someone to keep me awake on the journey and help out with the car between races. Nothing big (I hope!!) just checking tyres etc. However dirty you want to get.

Please spread the word and pass on to anyone you think might be interested. You don’t have to be in South East Kent – I can pick you up en route (assuming you’re not in Wales and somewhere near the main arteries from London to Edinburgh!).

I am looking for anyone who’s interested to get in touch. Email me at, tweet or FB PM me.

Regardless of the outcome, Knockhill, here I come…!

Now, to work on reducing those “everything looks fatter on the telly” moobs…

MotorsTV Sml


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