This Weekend – Knockhill

Two days to go, and we all head off up various arteries of Britain’s pot-holed trunk roads to drive on even worse surfaces!

To be honest, pot-holes have become more fascinating since starting in Rallycross – no less annoying, but like snow flakes, no one is the same. Like the one at the end of your road, you treat them respect and learn them lap by lap. Crikey, I haven’t even had a beer…!

My last post was a cry for help, and the first man on scene was the very generous Mr Graham Strugnell. After some back and forth about arrangements, I am pleased to say he’s agreed to come with me on the long drive and take the helm when required. He’ll be an invaluable addition to my trip and make an otherwise boring and sleep-inducing drive full of anecdote, advice and laughs I’m sure.

God help him, we’re even cohabiting for 2 nights in some of Scotland’s finest Holiday Inns…! Not sure he’ll offer again after this weekend so I need to capitalize!! We’ll have plenty of time to really get to know each other. Hopefully I can glean something from his vast experience and put it to use over the weekend.

Knockhill is half track, half rough stuff. The rough appears to be pretty much full/feathered throttle up over the hill. At least for the quick boys. Only braking appears to be first right down the hill and onto the rough, the last corner and the joker section.

Well, if a picture is a thousand words, a YouTube video will give you more than that.

I found this cracking onboard from Tony Lynch’s heats and win from last year. Another guy who’s always about to deliver advice or words of support. Rallycross drivers and support crew really are a supportive bunch.

This is definitely worth a watch… Tony Lynch – Knockhill 2012

My aspirations for the weekend? To stay in touch at all times – blinded by grit or not. I dropped away at Mallory and really need to concentrate on gathering confidence and pace.

My suspension was a bit screwed at Mallory (not sure I’ve mentioned that previously) but I’m not one for excuses. I need to walk the track and aim to improve lap times right through the day.

I was thinking the other day that I am actually in a sport where, if I’m doing OK, my colleagues will be throwing rocks at me. So that’s my aim for Knockhill 2013.


One response to “This Weekend – Knockhill

  1. Come on! Remember my advice – your either all in, or all out. Commit, and hang on. Piece of piss, frankly.
    At least, that is my opinion, feel free to discuss. Copyright

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