Maasmechelen or Bust

The summer break has arrived. Four down, four to go. Mid way between Mallory and Maasmechelen, now is the time to start thinking ahead.

Maud is still dirty – she hasn’t had much time or love from me recently. I certainly need a break. Mentally and organisationally, 2013 has been the most intense year of my life.

Funds are (and have been for all four rounds) low. Simply keeping my head above water this year will be an achievement.

Reflecting on the first four races here in the Barcelona sunset, it’s very difficult to describe how I feel.

Half way through “season one” I feel I’m at a fork in the road. Take the right turn (not metaphorically) and give up at the end of the year or go left, and accept that this as the steepest learning curve and commitment of something which will form a huge part of the rest of my life.

If it were a financial decision, I’d be quitting; going right, heading straight to Mundaneville.

But I’ve started something now and I’m a finisher. And when I say a finisher, I don’t mean and “also ran”.

I will conquer this sport. And I look forward to enjoying the companionship of my Rallycross friends – those I have been fortunate enough to meet already and those I will come to know.

So all in all, an easy decision. Maasmechelen – here I come. The new tyres are on.


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