Hooking Up with “Bumper2Bumper” Bodyshop, Deal

So much for a relaxing summer break with time to prepare for Belgium. Since my last post, it’s been pretty manic.

First there was re-attaching the exhaust which had come adrift on the bumps of Mallory Park. It had taken a hefty whack, but went back on fine. A few jubilee clips should ensure it stays more attached in future, as it had popped out of one of the rubber mounts. The rear bumper valance had taken a bit of heat from the hanging exhaust, was a bit warped and had lost a few attachment points and screw holes. Another job to keep me occupied later…

Then there was the issue of repairing “Doran Dent”. I’d decided that, although cosmetic, I needed to get the driver’s side sill repaired. It was serving as a constant reminder of my Mallory collision and didn’t do my mental state much good getting into the car.

Sill Damage 1

I made a few calls locally, and happened upon the aptly named Bumper2Bumper bodyshop in Deal’s Southwall Road industrial estate. One phone call later, proprietor Nathan said he’d call by my house, as I couldn’t easily get the car to him for a quote. He rocked up on an off-road motorbike and we quickly hit it off. He is a keen off-road biker, dabbling in motocross as well I seem to recall. Our mutual interest of motorised fun spawned into a good half hour chat. We agreed a price for him to do the work, and in recognition of the good deal he did me, I said I’d happily slap some Bumper2Bumper stickers on the car for the rest of the season.


When I dropped the car off a week or so later, it was clear there isn’t much Nathan and his guys would shy away from. There was a fully stripped classic Aston Martin in the workshop primed and ready for respray and, coincidentally, my neighbour’s metallic blue Audi A4. His car needed a respray of the lower half of the car following a few nasty keyings and dents. When the A4 returned, I inspected the repairs (unknown to Nathan!) and it was impossible to tell any bodywork repair – let alone the original damage – had occurred.

Maud too was repaired beautifully, with the damage cut out, a new piece of steel welded in, filled, primed and sprayed to a perfect colour match. I continue to be amazed by the craftmanship demonstrated by competent bodyshops, and Nathan’s business is certainly one of those. After seeing the results of his handiwork on Maud and my neighbour’s car, I would highly recommend Bumper2Bumper for any body repairs. Hopefully he won’t get much business directly from me this year! But I hope my affiliation with and recommendation of his bodyshop brings him some good business. He is a genuine, honest craftsman and deserves the successful business he clearly runs.

Sill Repair 1

Fairly obviously, you should note that I didn’t want the sill shield repaired – just the damaged metal sill…!

With the car repaired and back in my garage by 5th July, I only had a couple of other tasks on Maud which would fit nicely over the weekend between our 10th Wedding Anniversary and the Maasmechelen race. Wash, fit transponder, refit rear bumper valance and some other bits.

I then got the text from Pete. He urgently needed to speak to me…


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