2017 Beckons

I’m back!

Full time Swift Rallycross Championship competitor in the MSA British Rallycross Champsionship for 2017.

Mentally, I’ve never been more prepared for the procedures, feeling and emotions that accompany a race weekend. The unpreventable rise in heart rate when the tannoy beckons you from the paddock. The rise of that same heart beat you get watching the race before yours,  sat idly on the dummy grid. The same heart beat that threatens to escape your rib cage as you are beckoned to engage first gear and pull onto the circuit up to the starting grid.

Wherever and whenever I start a Rallycross race, I feel an enormous sense of being alive, very awake, privileged and proud to be there at that moment. How the next 5 minutes will go is, always, pretty much anyone’s guess.

That is what keeps me coming back.

After a sabbatical year (including 2 cheeky races at Lydden Hill), 2017 promises to be the most competitive and challenging season I’ve ever competed in. There will be lots of new and established faces in the Swift camp this year, as well as the wider Championship, and that’s great for the sport of Rallycross all round.

In just 3 weeks time, we’ll be loading up the Practical Car & Van Rental van and heading north to Croft circuit for the opening round. I’m so excited to get back behind the wheel in Maud, meet new and hook up with old friends on and off track, have the most amazing time racing them, and aim to seal some significant silverware along the way. There is no doubt that is the objective for 2017.

While most/none of us don’t get to drive our race cars in the off-season, and certainly not racing each other, the focus is on preparation. That preparation being based on 3 full years of Swift Rallycross – from novice to not-so-novice!

I know what to expect. I know what I need to do. I know that others will pose a significant challenge that. But if there was no competition, it wouldn’t be half so rewarding.

I will also endeavour to keep my blog up-to-date with more regular posts. To do that, I might just have to cut down on the content. That’s really not like me at all…



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